Dexter Forum Notes, 12-18-21


From John Hansen

We did not discuss the Omigod! variant because we wanted to stay positive in the spirit of the season.

We tried to rustle up some rumors about the future of the space formerly occupied by the Dexter Pharmacy but all we could come up with is that the building is basically a condominium and the offices there will be occupied by somebody someday.

Gordon Hall has a match type fundraising effort underway to pay for the cost of installing a geo-thermal heating system so the building can be used year-round.

George Curtis introduced us to which is a national group with goals similar to ours - civil discussion of current events.

Councilwoman Sanam Arab talked about renovations to make the new city hall more user friendly and about the resuscitation of the fire station issue.

Lion Gene Utke thanked the community for the early sell-out at the tree lot and assured us that the profits will continue to enrich our town.

Commissioner Maciejewski talked about the deliberations involved in allocating the Washtenaw Rescue funds.

School board member Bruderly clued us in to the 4x4 block scheduling at the high school which allows students to take eight classes per semester instead of six which helps students explore more elective areas. Not all roads to success pass through 4-year colleges.

Ann Davis reminded us that it is time to renew our membership in the Senior Center, anyone can be a member/supporter, and since the dues are only $20 it would be easy to add on a little extra as the seniors plan for the future.

Ryan Henyard has re-issued his local giving guide for those of you who wish to expand your local philanthropy. Do your givin' while you're livin' so you're knowin' where it's goin'.

Karen Roberts and friends have been diligently working on a revision of our planning and zoning ordinances and they want you to pay attention now while it still matters.

Steve Bemis encouraged us to check with our tax preparers to make sure we take advantage of a one-time only deal to donate up to $600 per household on top of the usual standard deduction.

And for no good reason other than a smile here are the words to the Dexter Choir recruitment anthem

All God's creatures have a place in the choir

Some sing low and some sing higher

Some sing out loud on the telephone wire

And the others just clap their hands, or their paws, or whatever they got

And the rest of us stamp our feet.

The next meeting of the Dexter Forum will be sometime in the future. Karl and I will try to predict whether any of you actually want to get up at 8:30 AM on New Year's Day. We'll let you know.

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