Dexter Council Considers Studies of Four Troublesome Intersections


By Doug Marrin, STN Reporter

Resident complaints have prompted the Dexter City Council to request proposals from city engineers, OHM, to analyze four troublesome intersections. The Council considered the proposals at its January 10, 2022 meeting.

Main Street at Baker Road

The complaint here is that the intersection traffic signal does not have a designated pedestrian phase where all traffic stops, allowing pedestrians to cross protected from any traffic movement.

Before offering any recommendations, OHM proposes to study the impact an “all red” stoppage would have on traffic. The Council discussed the use of a pedestrian walk button and the continuity of pedestrian crossings throughout the City.

The Council voted to approve the $1,300 cost for the analysis.

Dexter-Ann Arbor Road at Dan Hoey Road

The complaint at this intersection has been that the current signal timing does not provide pedestrians enough time to cross the road.

OHM proposed comparing Michigan Department of Transportation calculations involving vehicle speeds and intersection widths to determine crosswalk times to the existing signal configuration. This comparison would determine if the pedestrian clearance time is accurate or needs to be changed.

The Council approved the $250 for the analysis.

Dexter-Ann Arbor Road at Meadow View Dr (Mill Creek School)

Complaints have been that, at school start and end, the traffic pattern does not allow for sufficient gaps for drivers traveling northwest on Dexter-Ann Arbor Road to make a left into Mill Creek Middle School.

The problem is long-standing and was previously studied in 2016. OHM proposed a “gap” study conducted by Trafffic Data Collection, LLC who would set out video cameras to capture the live-action traffic movements. OHM would compare results to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation for official guidance on acceptable gaps for turning traffic.

The Council discussed the ongoing problem with no easy solution. An additional point was that even when there was a gap in moving traffic for a left turn, the line of cars in the school’s drive is often backed up onto the road.

No motion was made for the $2,775 study, so the proposal failed.

5th Street at Dover Street

The City has received requests to make this a four-way stop.

OHM studied this intersection in 2015 but could not make a recommendation without current traffic and crash data. OHM proposed hiring Traffic Data Collection LLC to video record 24 hours of traffic activity at this intersection.

No motion was made for the $2,175 analysis, so the proposal failed.

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