Gubernatorial Candidate Garrett Soldano Stops in Chelsea


Gubernatorial candidate Garrett Soldano spoke in Chelsea, Saturday, at Chelsea Lanes. Photo by Randall Lee, RK Studios, LLC

On Saturday, April 23rd, Garrett Soldano arrived at noon to address a group of nearly 100 supporters gathered at Chelsea Lanes.  The Kalamazoo Chiropractor, who earned his fame by organizing the "Stand Up Michigan" campaign, shared stories about his experiences that have led him onto a path of running for Governor of Michigan.  There are 10 candidates running for the Republican slot in the primaries on August 2.  In the last year, Soldano's campaign has raised $1.7 million, with 96% of the donations being under $200.  He thanked the grassroots fundraising operation, saying this is the most robust amongst all 10 candidates in the GOP Gubernatorial Primary.  

"We have the most unbelievable movement of grassroots warriors on our campaign," stated Soldano.  "We need people to run for the right reasons now... Not for self interests, not for some political agenda, or to further their political career.  We want people to run because they want to serve you.  That is why I will always be your statesman.  I am always here to represent you."

Soldano is 100%, unapologetically pro-life, because he believes in it.  He mentions that there are already articles suggesting that he approves of the act of rape.  He is disgusted by this narrative and is adamant that he does not support that.  Clarifying, he expressed how impressed he was with the story of a woman who chose life, despite how the baby was conceived.  She gave the baby to an adopting family.  "I don't think our tax dollars should be going to Planned Parenthood and programs like that.  I think they should be directed towards adoption agencies, pregnancy help centers, and foster programs.  This would build a culture to inspire women to understand that there are other choices."

Soldano told the crowd that he is pro-unity and pro-conversation, and claims that he understands that some opinions may not be changed, but he appreciates the ability that humans have:  to interact, communicate, agree to disagree, hug it out, and have unity.  Soldano shared, "There is no reason for hate and dismissal to be the result of a disagreement.  You are not going to change my belief in pro-life.  You are not going to change my belief in the 2nd Amendment, or The Constitution.  Those issues are ingrained in me, that is who I am.  But, if you have great ideas on how to gain energy independence and to bring families back to Michigan (economy), let's talk!  That is what we need right now.  We have got to get rid of the division."

Soldano mentioned that he is laser-focused on revitalizing our economy and ensuring that Michigan has viable energy solutions.  He shared his ideas on the following topics:  more government transparency and accountability, less government in businesses, energy independence, bringing conversation back to the table, budget cuts, bringing families back to Michigan by improving the economy through small and large businesses, encouraging community involvement on other hot topics, and keeping in touch by continuing "round table" discussions throughout Michigan.  Soldano concluded the event with, "As Governor, you represent all people.  You have to be empathetic.  But, you also have to bring common sense solutions.  That is my goal."

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