Dexter Township approves millage language and talks about wake ordinances and water/sewer authority


Wake ordinance, multi-lakes water/sewer authority expansion and millage language for land preservation for the November vote, the Dexter Township Board covered a range of topics at its May 17 meeting.

Starting with the millage proposal, the township board approved by a 5-0 vote a resolution to approve the ballot language for the .5 millage so the township clerk can present the ballot wording to the Washtenaw County Clerk no later than Aug. 16, to be a local proposal on the Nov. 8, 2022 General Election Ballot.

The ballot is expected to read:

Proposal A

Dexter Township Farmland and Open Space Land Preservation Millage

Proposal to Permanently Preserve Farmland and Open Space Throughout the Township by Providing Funding for the Voluntary Purchase of Conservation Easements

Shall the Township of Dexter authorize a new levy of 0.5 mills ($.50 per $1,000 of taxable value) to finance the Township of Dexter’s Farmland and Open Space Land Preservation program to permanently preserve farmland, open space, wildlife habitat, scenic views, and protect drinking water sources and the water quality of rivers and streams, by funding the voluntary purchase of interests in land throughout the Township, and enable the Township to take advantage of matching funds, for a period of ten years, with the new levy commencing in December, 2022. In the first year the estimated revenue will be $220,810.00.

With the wake ordinance, Dexter Township Board Trustee Karen Nolte introduced a proposal to create a Watercraft 3E Ordinance for Halfmoon Lake and the portion of Blind Lake that is within the township.

In explaining the proposal, Nolte said the township currently has ordinances to cover watercraft speed control within 100 feet of short, dock, raft, etc. for most lakes within the township, but there isn’t one for Halfmoon and Blind Lake.

No decision was made on the wake ordinance and it was merely discussion at this point, but the township is exploring it and will have the zoning committee look at it first.

The decision pertaining to the Multi-Lakes Water and Sewer Authority saw the township board approving an agreement with consultant, Stantec, for nearly $16,000 to have it assess the MLWSA's operations, costs, rate structure and expansion possibilities.

In its proposal, Stantec said the objectives are to identify opportunities for optimization of the existing systems to reduce overall operation and maintenance costs; review current customer base and rate structure and evaluate the feasibility for expanding the MLWSA customer base to increase operating revenue and reduce the quarterly cost for each customer.

The township will now let the MLWSA board know about this. It’s expected Stantec will take a few months to do the work.

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