New Concept Proposed for Vacant City Lots


By Doug Marrin, STN Reporter

Representatives from Common Sail Investment Group (CSIG) presented their concept for the Dexter DDA-owned property at 3045 Broad Street to the Planning Commission at its June 9, 2022 meeting.

CSIG is a privately owned and operated investment group based in Brighton, MI. The holding company is the latest in a string of potential developers showing interest in the empty parcels adjacent to Mill Creek Park and Erratic Ale.

Aerial view of the proposed plan showing the three city lots (1-3) and one private lot (4). Conceptual aerial rendering is on the right.

The CSIG concept proposes two buildings, 170 residential and two retail units, one of which will be a destination restaurant. The structures will house a public parking deck with 229 spaces and 50 shared parking spaces outside. The concept is based on the themes of increasing housing opportunities, non-motorized connectivity, low environmental impact parking, and placemaking.

The term “placemaking” was mentioned multiple times in the presentation. The buzzword refers to the places where people share and strengthen their connections. It is the concept of designing such spots to maximize shared values. The concept includes numerous stylish outdoor casual areas.

The presentation projected a 1.52% population increase for Washtenaw County over the next five years, far outpacing Michigan’s projected .17% growth. The county’s diverse industries in healthcare, education, and automotive are driving the area's continued growth.

CSIG revealed one surprise they found in their research. “We thought Dexter was a bedroom community of Ann Arbor. And it’s quite the opposite.”

Of Dexter’s 3,052 employed, 47% travel out of the area for work. This leads CSIG to conclude, “Dexter has its own unique identity because of its walkability, historical nature, and high quality of life, not just because of Ann Arbor. It has its own brand. It has its own identity.”

The early estimated cost of the project is $56.3 million. The concept is still in the developmental stages and presented for informational reasons only. More details can be found in the Planning Commission meeting packet posted on the City’s website.

Unless otherwise noted, all images are from the PC meeting packet courtesy of CSIG.

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