Jaime Griffin's Council Comments Were Unfair and Reflect Poorly on Her Council Candidacy

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The Editor:

I’m dismayed that Jaime Griffin — ringleader of the ironically-named Dexter Citizens for Responsible Government and current Council candidate — used extended public time at the October 19 special Dexter City Council meeting to resurrect alleged conflict-of-interest improprieties on the part of city manager Courtney Nichols.

I'm a 27-year Dexter homeowner, retired teacher and first responder from Dexter schools. I’m father of two K-2 graduates. I attend or review most City Council meetings and often offer comments.

Those of you who have heard me know that I subscribe to a contract for citizens, let alone elected officials, when they occupy the public square. That contract includes honesty, transparency, compassion, civic investment in those who are less fortunate, and working efficiently for collective good rather than individual benefit.

Unfortunately, violating this contract has been a trademark of the DCRG strategy, whether on their Facebook page, website, or public comments like those of Ms. Griffin before City Council. Ms. Griffin is a professional statistician, a fact made ironically clear in the “Values” section of her campaign webpage where values as numbers precise to the tenths of a percent, abound.

What about PERSONAL “values” -- Happiness? Compassion? Equity? Health? So many others --  that bear on the needs of Dexter residents? Not there. Wow.

I encourage readers to ask Ms. Griffin what percentage (in tenths) of council meetings she must “digest 300-page meeting packets," as claimed on her campaign page. Personally, I read Courtney’s summaries, then REFER to relevant pages or use sixth-grade skimming techniques as necessary to inform my understanding, questions, or comments. It usually takes less than an hour per meeting.

I encourage readers to find references to DCRG on Jaime's campaign pages. They are not there. I encourage readers to find Jaime's name on DCRG's pages, e.g., among the 10 different quotes by anonymous Dexter residents. Eight of those ten are either Jaime or DCRG colleague. So much for transparency.

One hundred percent of Dexter residents (regardless of means), our elected officials, and paid staff deserve respect for their inherent worth and dignity. That includes Courtney Nichols. For over 13 years she’s served this community ethically, transparently, responsive to her assigned roles, and acting from the best personal values.

It’s tragic that Jaime chose to make her comments at the very meeting with the agenda item to accept Courtney Nichols's resignation as she moves to a new job, something she could have done years ago. Courtney didn't deserve it. We will be very fortunate to find someone as qualified and dedicated— and, hopefully, without Jamie Griffin on Council.

James A. McCargar

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