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Diversity Equity and Inclusion at the DCS Board Workshop: Breaking it Down

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Only one community member attended the diversity workshop on Monday evening. I have broken it down into four approximately thirty minute sections and noted what was covered so more people will be able to access the meeting. If you are not on facebook or you want to watch the entire meeting straight through, the two-hour video is on the district website on the school board videos page.

Video Part 1…

What are the beliefs that bring the board here?
What are the goals of the board?
What are the desired outcomes from the new policies and practices?

First exercise:
1. In the next three years, what do you want DCS to be known for?
2. In the next three years, what do you want people to be saying about diversity equity and including in DCS?
(continued on next video)

Video Part 2…
(discussion continued from part one)
3. What are the top three priority areas related to equity and justice in the district?
4. What are the top three priority areas related to racial equity and justice in the district?

Definitions of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity from Lone Star College

Discussion of Dexter student demographics

Video Part 3…

Continued discussion of Dexter student demographics
Going deeper into the definitions and adding “belonging”
Suggestion for surveys

Illustrations for Inequality, Equality, Equity, Justice
(Daryl brought up the idea to deliberately disadvantage some children to “make them more” empathetic, but school districts aren’t in the business of disadvantaging children deliberately. I think he may have meant encouraging the children to work together to get apples or to share apples in a caring way. In the fourth video, Dick gets closer to this when he suggests having both children on the same side of the tree.)

Video Part 4…

There is a four minute break toward the beginning of the video and a personal study period later on. Just skip past those!

Finish the discussion of the illustration from part three

Second exercise:
1. What are the stated commitments in the resolution?
2. Where is the overlap with the top priority areas? Where is the difference?
3. Have we stated anything in the resolution as a commitment that is not stated as a priority area? If so, add it to your list of priority areas.

The next board meeting is a finance committee meeting on Wednesday, December 2, at 2:30pm. Link to join:

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