Facebook - Try to be Nicer

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I stay on Facebook because of friends that I want to stay in contact with, but recently, I have seriously questioned whether or not I should even log on anymore. Occasionally, I read posts and comments that are so mean spirited, it truly makes me want to retract from society and live in a bubble. Is this what everyone else in the world is like? It is hard to read some of comments that follow various posts. Obviously, we are all a little frazzled from the last year and a half. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I appreciate having a forum to be heard, but I think that we can do better as people. My request is that if you are going to post something in a discussion, try to proceed with some civility. It takes a little more effort to structure your argument to be less biting and more intelligent. If you want me to hear what you have to say, try to offer me a reason to have compassion for your viewpoint. Keep in mind that if you write hateful words, it only emboldens the strength of the opposite opinions of the view that you hold with the person that you are hateful toward.  

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