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Decline to sign the so-called “Secure MI Vote” petition.

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I urge everyone to decline to sign the so-called “Secure MI Vote” petition. It will do nothing to improve our already secure elections, but in fact will make it harder to vote and create chaos at the polls.

Some points to consider:

1. In 2018, 67% of Michigan voters supported expanding our access to the ballot, including easier absentee voting, with the passage of Prop 3. The “Secure MI Vote” petition goes against that will of the majority of voters.

2. Michigan voters can currently sign an affidavit of identity if they forget their ID on Election Day, provided they are still on the voter registration list. This is beneficial to hard working people on tight schedules, rural voters who drive long distances, and urban voters who use mass transit. About 0.2% of voters did this in 2020. It helps voters and is secure. “Secure MI Vote” would do away with this option, making these votes not counted on Election Day.

3. And shockingly: The “Secure MI Vote” petition is not even intended for the ballot! The anti-voters group behind it has made it clear that—because of a loophole in the Michigan constitution—the petition will be adopted and enacted by the legislature after gathering only 340,000 signatures, a small minority of Michigan’s 8,000,000 registered voters.

4. Michiganders already show ID, and we have one of the strongest voter ID laws in the nation. The Michigan Senate Oversight Committee, chaired by Republican Ed McBroom investigated Michigan’s 2020 election and found no evidence of fraud. So why would we make it harder to vote?

The right to vote in Michigan is under attack. Decline to sign the “Secure MI Vote” petition, and if you want to help spread the word, sign up to volunteer at

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