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Beware, youth sports often sexual abuse of kids...

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I am a 73-year-old resident of Scio Township and an adult survivor of child sex abuse. I was raped 400_ times by my little league baseball coach in Trenton, NJ. The assault happened when I was between the ages of 11 and 14. Like almost all sex abuse survivors, I suffered major, lifelong consequence (PTSD, stress, anxiety, shame, self-blame. My lifelong healing journey continues. In 2004, I held the perpetrator (who is still alive and admits to being a serial prredator) directly accountable for his horrendous acts. This was done via a private mediation held in NJ, and convened in the offices of a retired judge. (The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a front-page, feature story story about by journey on January 1, 2012 link:… -- headline "Victim of a Different Coach and Era Speaks." Now, thanks to an enlightened statute of limitations law passed in NJ, I have filed a lawsuit vs. the enabling/abetting organization that sponsored the league LL Baseball Inc, in Williamsport, PA.  I also was appointed to the board of directors of NYC-based more than two years ago. It is a national/global nonprofit devoted to serving the male survivor community, with hundreds of thousands of such people served since its launch in 1995. (I physically and personally supported the camp-in and sit-in at UM headed by the survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of now-deceased team physician, Robert Anderson (more than 2,000 victims identified!! with a class-action suit of more than 1,000 members settled for significant $$). I am a UM grad as are two of my three adult offspring. I have added images of myself wearing my special messaging shirt for LL players and their families. Thanks. Ken Stockton. e-mail is; landline for voice message is (734) 358-5567.

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