The most recent coverage on COVID-19 in Saline, Michigan from The Sun Times News and coronavirus statistics for Washtenaw County.

  • 1. Saline Taxes Go Down Slightly In New Budget

    Saline's new city budget sailed through City Council, Monday evening. The city said that taxes actually went down despite the Coronavirus Pandemic's effect on the economy because housing values went up as interest rates remain low. (posted Tue. Jun 8 2021)

  • 2. Saline Budget To Be Discussed In Public Hearing

    How will Saline spend its American Rescue Plan funding? City Council will be holding a public meeting tomorrow, to get public input and explain why the city is planning on spending most of it on the Rec Center. (posted Sun. Jun 6 2021)

  • 3. Eleanor's Candy Shop Opens In Saline

    Saline's candy supply has increased by several orders of magnitude by the opening of Eleanor's, its very own candy store. The Sun Times News took the tour. (posted Thu. Jun 3 2021)

  • 4. Kandace Jones Selected To Fill Saline School Board Vacancy

    Kandace Jones was selected with unanimous support by Saline's Board of Education to fill the seat left vacant by Aramide Boatswain. Saline's newest Trustee will take her seat at the next board meeting in June. (posted Wed. May 26 2021)

Washtenaw County:
Current Covid-19 Statistics

1.1 cases per 100,000 people

0.52 infection rate

0.8% positive test rate

Population: 367,601

ICU capacity: 178

Cases in ICU: 19

Total cases: 27,083

Total deaths: 307

Current Covid-19 Statistics for

3.1 cases per 100,000

0.66 infection rate

1.6% positive test rate

Population: 9,986,857

ICU capacity: 2,563

Cases in ICU: 170

Total cases: 995,837

Total deaths: 20,773

Data provided by Covid Act Now. Many thanks.