Saline's Riley Behrman is kicking to make a difference


Saline kicker Riley Behrman. photo by Peter Draugalis

Saline Hornets football kicker Riley Behrman went into his senior season with a big goal in mind; one that aimed to help others.

The season is still young, but he’s already making some good headway in his effort to be Kicking for Cancer.

The Sun Times News (STN) reached out to Behrman to learn more about what he’s doing and how others can help.

He said it starts with his passions of doing his part to “make the world better and for helping my teammates succeed.”

“While at one of my kicking camps this summer, I learned about Kicking for Cancer which was created by a fellow kicker who was impacted by the disease,” Behrman explains. “It presents a way for me to raise money for pediatric cancer research while giving me some extra motivation to convert on my extra points. I know so many who have been impacted by cancer and want to help create a future where we can cure this terrible disease. All money raised goes toward pediatric cancer research.”

When STN connected with him it was a couple of games into the season.

“It is going amazing through two games, I have raised over $2,600 dollars,” he said. “I am continuing to try to get the word out so that I can continue to raise money for such an amazing cause.”

This was updated after the last game, as he went 6/6 on point after attempts and the total hit $3,000.

When asked what inspired him to take this on, he said, “I wanted to do this because I want to do my little part to try to help such a terrible disease. I wanted to make my senior year about more than just football.”

The team and coaches have supported him through this all, and they have been trying to spread awareness and get the word out there in order for Kicking for Cancer to grow, he said.

In looking forward, he said anyone interested in helping can.

“I want the community to know that 100 percent of the money that is donated all goes straight back to pediatric cancer research,” he said. “So every little bit makes a big impact.”

You can help by donating any amount of money or pledging. Behrman said pledging is basically where you can pledge any amount of money you want for every extra point scored.

“So every time I make a Point After, that number goes up,” he said. “So if you pledge 2 dollars, if I go 5/5, you donate 10 dollars for the game.”

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