Second Meter Sewer Credits Still in Process for Qualifying Saline Residents


Saline City Hall Photo By Sarah Hirshland

Saline City Council previously approved for further grant distribution of sewer credits for Saline residents. This includes new homeowners, homeowners under reconstruction, and those unable to access secondary irrigation meters during the summer of 2022. City Manager O'Toole and Treasurer Cole lead the discussion during the December 19, 2022, City Council meeting. The city of Saline has made adjustments to credits through the fall billing cycle, “The large adjustment was just under $80,000” stated Cole in comment to the report.

Saline and surrounding areas experienced a warmer season this fall, and some adjustments are still being processed. It’s expected that more than $10,000 individual credits will be given to residents and are to continue with approval providing a cutoff date of March 15, 2023. There is currently no adjustment report for the $10,000 credits, but the estimate is that the range of credits could vary between 10-20 in distribution. The number of credits that are being considered are somewhat vague, but the city council is working through budgets from the summer and fall billing cycles.

Secondary meters weren’t readily available to new homeowners, or to those with homes under reconstruction during the summer billing period, as supply chain issues caused shortages for those who needed installations after that period. Through the lack of meter availability and sewer rate increases, council members and citizens are looking forward to putting the matter to rest. Clarification was given that there are no other open issues with secondary meters, and most have been resolved.

Council member Dillon shared her discouragement as the topic stays in discussion, “I would feel more comfortable if I had more information, it just seems very open ended at this point,” stated Dillon in regard to the approval. City Council should have a final tally of numbers by mid-March of 2023, as of now the motion was authorized to process those qualifying candidates. City manager O’Toole stated, “We’re going to be sending out notices to those who haven’t yet scheduled to come into compliance by January 31, 2023.”

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