New Saline business, R U Game?, is a unique game store for everyone


R U Game? is located at 1345 E. Michigan Ave. in Saline.

Walking around R U Game? , which is a new business in the Saline community, is a cool experience.

Described as a fully loaded game store, the gaming shop opened up its location at 1345 E. Michigan Avenue late in 2022. Now it’s looking forward to what 2023 brings.

The store is loaded with a variety of specialty board games. While walking around you will probably recognize some of the classic games like Sorry! Clue and Scrabble to some of the party games such as Heads Up!

A look inside the gaming store.

And those are just a few of the things inside the shop. The Sun Times News (STN) asked its owner, Benjamin James, about the store; starting with how do you describe it.

“R U Game is a friendly local game store where everyone is welcome to come learn, play, and buy board games, card games, and tabletop games,” James said.

Back in 2018, James started looking for a place to set up shop and originally started in Ann Arbor, as that is where he had always gone for gaming.

“But the more I thought about it, I realized that a lot of people I had played with kept saying they wished they had one closer to them,” explained James in how he came to Saline. “I then branched out to other areas such as Saline and Canton. Saline didn’t have many areas that met my needs, so I went out to Canton, only to miss out on a lease because of the Pandemic. After the Pandemic lightened I started looking again and noticed the place I now have out in Saline.”

STN asked him what makes the store unique.

“I try to make my store broad and open to everyone not just gamers,” he said. “It may seem weird to say, but not every game store is intended for families or casual gamers to visit.”

Describing R U Game, he said, “So I planned it all around a couple game stores I liked when I visited and even had the owners of those businesses help me with my planning. As such I have a few extra things I like to include in my store. The first is that I completely separated my play area from my store, so those who aren’t that comfortable in big crowds can still shop in peace. Secondly, I have a board game demo library so customers can open the game and see what they get before they buy. I also have four demonstration tables with newer games setup on them so we can teach people how to play the games. Thirdly, I have a Paint N Take area available in the store so people who like to paint miniatures can have a nice quiet space to sit and paint in peace. Finally, I am connecting with local artists to allow them to share their passion and help them get their name out there.”

In thinking about what he wants the community to know about R U Game, James said, “We have only been open for three weeks, so we are still getting the kinks out, but we want everyone to feel welcome here.”

He said their Back Room/Game Area will be open by end of the month and they are asking people to go to their website and request any gaming events or tournaments they would be interested in R U Game hosting. James said they want to support all gamers’ hobbies rather than just focus on one or two (like Magic: the Gathering, Pokémon TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, Warhammer), which while they still support them, they aren’t their sole focus.

To learn more, or to see their open hours, or to contact them, go to the website at
or its Facebook page at The store’s phone number is 734-316-2045 and email is

Some of the classic games at R U Game?
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