New Year and New Promises from Saline City Council


Saline City Hall Photo By Sarah Hirshland

Saline City Council held their first meeting of the year, on Monday January 9th, 2023, with uplifting words and plans of action from the city’s Mayor, Brian Marl.

Mayor Marl addressed ongoing city projects, revised initiatives, as well as what the city hopes to see change and progress for the 2023 year. “This past year and these past 6 months have been both challenging and productive,” said Marl, “We continue to endure the lingering effects of a global health pandemic, subsequent disruptions to supply chains, increased labor shortages and burgeoning inflation, but progressive forward-thinking leaders do not become demoralized or disheartened.”

Mayor Marl stated, “I am confident that the 2023 calendar year will be one of progress and productivity.” The City of Saline plans to invest more of the new year into its infrastructure, new developments, and their ties to the community. Marl made mention that current projects will soon be in completion, alongside redeveloped and stalled initiatives throughout Saline. Some focus for infrastructure will be the city's streets and road maintenance, sewer systems and sidewalks. Water quality and recent issues of such, was also a topic during the meeting and how the city plans to help residents better understand water usage and any system leaks.

The city website now offers an online reporting tool for municipal utility users, as well as timelines and status on all infrastructure projects. Further proposals include existing site plans to meet standards on safety and attractiveness. The city of Saline shared the strong notion on property upkeep and ordinance for both residents and businesses owners, as new asset management programs will turn the narrative from “reactive, to proactive,” said Marl.

A crucial development that made way into this year, is the city's economic trust fund. An external stakeholder is set to provide loans and micro grants to businesses in Saline and those interested in relocating to Saline to create more jobs and economic growth. “I am keenly aware that the best thing any of us can do during uncertain economic times is to prioritize our local businesses,” said Marl.

New initiatives from both the police department and fire department are in progress to facilitate more education and sustainability to employees and citizens. The need for additional healthcare services is also part of the city's master plan for 2023, and the improved investment portfolio will help generate half a million more dollars annually for Saline. “I’ve said it before, Saline is a very special place, and it's worth fighting for,” said Marl “I continue to believe that Saline's best days are yet to come.” Toward the end of this action plan, Mayor Marl honored and thanked his colleagues, and concluded with a quote from former president Bill Clinton on true measures of character and politics.

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