Possible Developments on Monroe Street in Saline


The potential sale and development of 207 Monroe Street in Saline, has city council intrigued and simultaneously, a little concerned. Mark Lewis of Huntington Homes and Klein Properties is a current applicant for the space and is proposing a new housing project for affordable single family homes and condos, “We've been building and developing in the city of Saline and Saline township for nearly 15 years,” said Lewis. Previous projects for the company include Maple Homes, a three-bedroom apartment complex, and Curtiss Park.

City council commented at the February 6th, 2023, meeting on how utilizing an already existing infrastructure may be suitable, “It is currently zoned for residential purposes,” said City Manager Colleen O’Toole. The city planning commission is still seeking more proposed information regarding the lot, and no final site plan, or purchase has been finalized at this time. If purchased for residential use by Klein Properties, Saline residents could see 21 new condos in the area with a total unit space of 7800 square feet and a base cost of 300,000.

Local residents in the area spoke to officials and shared thoughts about the potential destruction of trees and watershed areas due to the development. The impact of the project on the city's aging wastewater treatment facility in the vicinity, could produce “unpleasant odors" in the area. Council member, Jim Dell'Orco, highlighted the importance of preserving as many natural features of the site as possible in the event of any development. "We're going to want to make sure that as many natural features of this site are preserved as much as possible," he stated.

If this new owner acquires the property, the proposed condominium will be assessed and approved by the city planning commission. Saline council members would need to review the proposed development through their site plan review process and make further decisions and more meetings on the topic are to come. O'Toole stated that when creating and examining any construction project, it is essential to consider the influence it has on the city's infrastructure, as there is currently enough room to accommodate new developments. She stated that it would be advantageous to utilize the lot within the metropolis as it would allow the charges of restoring the wastewater system to be divided amongst a greater number of users. Klein Properties gave council an enthusiastic presentation at Monday's meeting, but noted, “There’ s still a lot of work to do.”

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