Saline School District Voters Approve Millage Renewal by a Landslide



Voters in the Saline Area School District overwhelmingly approved a renewal of the school millage by a margin of 73% to 27%.

This ballot proposal asked voters to approve a property tax renewal for the local school district. The tax would continue to be up to 18 mills (or $18 per $1,000 of taxable property value) on all properties except for main homes and other exempt properties. This tax is necessary for the school district to receive its total funding from the government.

The current tax rate is 21.8508 mills, and the proposal is asking to renew this rate for another ten years, from 2024 to 2033. The money collected from this tax will be used for the school district's operating costs. If the proposal is approved and the full 18 mills are collected in 2024, the school district will receive an estimated $8,501,850 in revenue. This tax renewal would replace the one set to expire at the end of 2023.

The ballot language was confusing, but the District’s FAQ page clarified the confusion. The page can be found at:

Does this raise my taxes?

No. This is a straight renewal and there is no change. In addition, if you own one home, you do not currently pay this millage and you would not pay this millage if passed. Thus, if you own one home, no matter the result, this will not affect your taxes.

Why 18 mills?

This is set by the State of Michigan as part of Proposal A was passed in 1994. The State of Michigan will subtract 18 mills worth of revenue from the payments they send us. They subtract this amount whether or not it is collected. Thus, without this millage it is estimated that
Saline Area Schools would lose $8,501,850.

Why does it say not to exceed 18 mills but then authorize 21.8505 mills?

By law, Michigan Schools can levy a maximum of 18 mills. The State of Michigan assumes all schools will collect 18 mills whether they do or not. If a school collected less than 18 mills their revenue is reduced. The amount authorized of 21.8505 mills is Saline Area Schools current millage, even though we only collect 18 mills. We authorize more than we collect to make sure that we do not fall below 18 mills and lose revenue. Headlee Rollback (Headlee Amendment to Michigan Constitution in 1978), will reduce the mills when annual taxable growth on existing property is greater than the rate of inflation. Thus, each year if Headlee reduces the 21.8505 mills, Saline Area Schools should fall below 18 mills and risk losing revenue.

Visit the FAQ page for more information.

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