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Making technology work for your life goes beyond simply fixing a broken computer. That's where Digital Coaching comes in. They provide personalized tech support to ensure that different applications work seamlessly across computers, phones, and the cloud. Whether you struggle with remembering passwords or want ideas on how to make your home "smart," can help.

A true innovator when it comes to utilizing technology to grow businesses, with over 20 years of experience in P&L management, B2B and B2C strategy development, and digital transformation of various industries such as retail, restaurant, logistics, and global Trade, Angela Cearns has become a well-respected eCommerce leader. Angela has successfully scaled multiple businesses from millions to billions She has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience during her time as an executive with companies such as Amazon and Pizza Hut.

Angela's expertise has made her a sought-after keynote speaker and board member. She is also a professor at the European Institute of eCommerce Management’s executive program, the University of Cambridge Churchill College in the UK and Brazil.

Angela, the founder of, chose to expand her service to Washtenaw County, Michigan. When asked the question “Why Washtenaw County?” her answer was because she found that the people in this vibrant community had good business sense, and we're passionate about solving problems with high integrity. Angela began working with Shelly Smith, who has deep roots in Washtenaw County, and decided to start the second chapter here instead of in Silicon Valley.

The goal is to give individuals peace of mind, knowing that there's always an expert on hand to answer your tech questions, no matter how simple or complex.

Angela stated, "I wanted to impact the community and see the difference in cross-learning between Silicon Valley and the Washtenaw area."

Angela believes having different perspectives on the same model will allow for a more holistic and personalized approach to solving tech problems for a particular community. AsKevin endeavors to prioritize and support the HUMAN in tech/human relationships.

As John Naisbitt, late author and futurist, once said, "The more high tech we get, the more high touch we need."

Shelly Smith, the local presence of AsKevin, is committed to the core value of learning together in person and welcomes feedback from the community as AsKevin grows.

AsKevin Digital Coach

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Angela Cearns

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