Saline Area Senior Citizens Are Redefining What Age Means


By Carleen Nelson-Nesvig, STN Writer

Area senior citizens are busting old stereotypes. The days of seniors sitting idly by in their golden years are quickly vanishing, as demonstrated at the Saline Area Senior Center (SASC).

According to the World Health Organization, people aged 60 years and older has surpassed one billion. According to Saline Area Senior Center’s Director, Nancy Cowan many seniors at the SASC are rewriting the script on aging. These older adults are not just retiring; they are revolutionizing the way they live their lives, and redefining what it means to be old.

SASC encourages aging actively. “We understand and work to meet the needs and interests of our members, offering an abundance of opportunities for all to engage in healthy and active lifestyles,” says Cowan.

The Senior Center is working to meet the growing demand for a more active lifestyle it is seeing in its members. According to the Administration on Aging, gone are the days when older adults simply fade away into retirement. A growing number of seniors in the US are choosing to work longer than their predecessors. In 2017, nearly 19% of people aged 65 or older were actively working part-time, and experts predict this trend will not only continue but intensify. It is estimated that by 2024, an astonishing 36% of 65- to 69-year-olds will be active participants in the labor market.

The Department of Health and Human Services believes that seniors are motivated to prolong their careers due to their improved health and increased life expectancy. These individuals are healthier than ever before and expect to enjoy many more productive years. They love their jobs and relish the opportunity to remain active, sharp, and engaged. For some, this is a chance to embark on a second career.

Program Coordinator, Megan Kenyon believes one of Saline Area Senior Center’s goals is to showcase the vibrant and active lifestyle that today's seniors are embracing. With their determination and forward-thinking, such efforts demonstrated by these seniors is not only redefining what age means to them but can also inspire others to follow in their footsteps. She added that “here at SASC, the older adult years are not a time of decline but an opportunity for healthy living, growth, exploration, and fulfillment.”

Seniors are encouraged to stop in at SASC and see for themselves all that the center has to offer, speak with members and try out one of the programs there. For inspiration watch for upcoming member stories in the Sun Time News as we explore the many opportunities that redefining age. can offer seniors. One of these stories might just entice you to explore your next chapter in a new and exciting way.

Photo: Facebook

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