Saline’s Small Business Summit Examines Digital Mastery in 2023


By Carleen Nelson-Nesvig, STN Writer

In an engaging session at the 2023 Saline Small Business Summit, sponsored by Mayor Brian Marl and the City of Saline, Brian Matson of TwoSix Digital in Brighton delivered a presentation about winning in the digital era. Matson highlighted how businesses can ace the digital game with a combination of quality content, effective use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and smart data-driven strategies.

Flooding the internet with content? That’s not the path to success according to Matson. He stressed the importance of crafting meaningful, high-quality content that truly connects with its intended audience. battle. “It is quality of content, not quantity,” he said. “If you use quantity, you are going to burn out.”

The pandemic shifted the technological landscape, making tech tools more accessible. Matson pointed out these tools are so user-friendly that any small business owner can wield them to create a significant impact.

He spotlighted the transformative role of AI tools in content creation. "They don't just save time," Matson explained, “These tools, which aid in generating content and ideas, not only save time but also ignite the creative process. This paves the way for more effective marketing strategies.”

Harnessing data was another game-changing strategy Matson dwelled on. With the potential of hyper-targeted marketing, businesses can utilize data from user interactions to tailor their strategies. This ensures content reaches its intended audience, especially if businesses are willing to invest in paid content for those already interested in what they offer.

“Data is the name of the game,” explained Matson. “It is the ultimate gateway drug, every stroke of your mouse, every click, every website you visit, every photo you take, is all being compiled, and it is data we can use to become better marketers.” He urged businesses to collect vital data assets, such as emails and phone numbers. These assets offer direct communication lines, unaffected by the shifting sands of social media algorithms.

Matson didn’t forget the basics either. He underlined the indispensable need for businesses to have a website and a claimed Google listing. This controls online visibility, making sure a business makes the right impression.

Wrapping up, Matson discussed the undeniable rise of AI and machine learning in marketing. He painted a future where AI isn't just a buzzword but a practical tool for small businesses. With AI, businesses can refine marketing strategies and make smarter, data-driven choices.

Image: Facebook

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