State Street Water Main Repairs To Start


A fifty foot tall fountain of water gushed out of State Street, in Pittsfield Township, on October 26. The 80 to 100 pound feet of pressure that came out of the 16 inch water pipe between Morgan and Ellsworth Roads caused no injuries when it was called in.

Pittsfield Township tried to fix the problem twice before having to cut the water to it for an extended period of time. Pittsfield Township Utilities Manager Craig Lyon determined that random spikes in water pressure are likely not the cause of the break.

“Therefore, samples of the soil at surface level, and at the main, have been taken. These samples are being examined to determine the possible presence of contaminants, which can cause pressure deterioration,” Lyon said, in a memo to the Board of Trustees.

The disruption of the main local roads between Ann Arbor and southern Washtenaw County led to Lyon to shut down the water main, although a redundant system of water pipes has ensured that all businesses and residences in the township will still receive fresh water as per normal. According to the township, only one fire hydrant will be without water.

The Township approved an expenditure of up to $758,500 to fix the problem at their last meeting over Zoom, Wednesday. The plan so far is to dig four holes around the area and dig in around the road. The cost will be covered by the utilities fund.

This section of State Street was just resurfaced recently; but neither Lyons, nor Washtenaw County Roads Commission Communications Manager Emily Kizer think that the repairs are likely to cause any significant damage to the road.

“It doesn’t sound like traffic will be impacted in any way during the repair process email,” Kizer told the Sun Times-News in an email after the meeting.

The final cost will not be known until the problem is finally identified and fixed. Lyon estimated that it will be a four to six week timescale.

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