Slander Accusations Made In Augusta Township Regarding Solar Application


Augusta Township’s Tuesday evening ended on a tense note as slander litigation was threatened by trustee, Linda Adams, against two other members over the board. Although she did not call out by name the two members, she is accusing her of taking kickbacks in exchange for her support of the White Tail solar project.

“You know who you are,” Adams said at the March 23 meeting.

Adams denies taking money from anyone.

Ranger Power is a Chicago-based clean energy company, applying to build a utility scale solar power plant partially in Augusta Township, and partially in York Township. Adams supports the project.

Augusta Township Supervisor Brian Shelby was at pains to end the arguing that ensued and insisted that the matter be taken “behind closed doors.”

Shelby said in an emailed statement to the Sun Times News that “To my knowledge, nobody on the board has taken any kickbacks or bribes and I don’t think anyone on this board would do that.”

The approval of Augusta Township is key to the success of the project, whereas two thirds of the proposed installation is there, and only one third is in York Township. The developer has recently moved the location of the Augusta Township south of its original location, after facing opposition to it being installed in its original location. The application remains active in both townships.

Ranger Power declined to comment.

Adams was not made available for a request for comment from the Sun Times News.

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