Foundation For Saline Area Schools Awards $53,730 For Saline Area Schools


The Foundation for Saline Area Schools has awarded $53,730 in grants to Saline Area Schools this January.

“The total that we have given thus-far, is 29 grants with a total of $102,237,” FSAS Executive Director Annherst Kreitz said.

The FSAS had already given $48,507 last fall. The foundation gives out grants of funds to the district through a number of different grant types. This can fund either physical improvements, or academic grants, or student led grants.

The largest grant was $10,000 for the Woodland Meadows Literacy Library update and enhancement project, which provided books representing experiences from a great range of diverse experiences. This is in keeping with a district-wide practice to provide “mirrors and windows” through literature to allow kids to read about “mirrors” – people similar to themselves represented in stories – as well as “windows” – works that show people from other backgrounds in a way that allows them to expand their perspective and emphasize with people from a wide array of diverse backgrounds.

Grants this year have been as little as $286 for the MISelf books for the Saline Middle School and can go to virtually any cause. The FSAS has also invested into helping the SAS improve its buildings.

The FSAS invested another $10,000 to create a new playground at Pleasant Ridge for example, creating play sets that are inclusive enough that children of all physical abilities are able to use them. Another $8,000 has been invested in “flexible furniture”, classrooms that can be easily rearranged during the day to allow teachers to customize their curriculum.

“It’s great. The foundation supports us every step of the way. They’ve adjusted to the pandemic. As needs shifts, the foundation shifts,” Superintendent Steve Laatsch told the Sun Times News at the last Board of Education meeting. “They’ve just done a wonderful job in supporting student learning.”

Image Credit: Scot Graden

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