Saline's Ella Dean is looking forward to a great opportunity at the College of Wooster


Ella Dean going up for a shot. photo by Mile Williamson

Saline High School student-athlete Ella Dean found the right combination for her in the College of Wooster.

After her recent college signing, The Sun Times News caught up with her to ask about this great opportunity ahead.

Ella Dean with her family on signing day. photo courtesy of Saline Athletics

“I felt excited about the opportunity to continue my basketball career at a school that will push me athletically as well as academically,” Dean said of her signing. “The College of Wooster is an incredible community of independent minds working together and I cannot wait to join this group of people on campus.”

Dean, a standout player with the Hornets, who has been part of winning back to back district championships and playing at Little Caesars Arena, said Wooster’s community, along with her future teammates, drew her in.

“From the beginning, it was the vibrant and welcoming community that allured me to Wooster,” she said. “After meeting a few of the basketball players, I could instantly tell that building relationships and cultivating a strong team culture was an important part of their program. In fact, when I came back for a second visit months later, the girls still remembered my name and recognized who I was, which I find pretty remarkable.”

She added, “Also, the energy and enthusiasm brought to both games and practices was contagious, confirming that Wooster is the place for me!”

This signing was a big moment for her and its one she’s worked hard on. From dedicating herself to make massive improvements on the defensive side of the game, where her awareness and ability to defend the drive have gotten so much better in the past year to seeing herself grow overall as a person throughout her high school career, she said the hard work has made a difference.

Ella Dean with the ball. photo by Mike Williamson

“It definitely feels like the hard work has paid off,” she said. “But even if I was not playing college basketball, I would still say that the work has paid off. Growing on the court allowed me to grow as an individual as well. I am a better communicator, leader, and teammate as a result. I feel confident in my ability to join a new community and use my knowledge and skills to help that community thrive.”

Looking back on her time in Saline, she said in competing for the Hornets, “one aspect that stands out the most is the special relationships I have built.”

“The memories I have formed with my teammates hold a special place in my heart,” she said. “Whether it be playing cards at Northwood, singing songs on the car ride up to Torch Lake, or celebrating a sweet play on the court, I will always remember my teammates and the joy they have brought me.”

Another big part of her time competing for Saline is the people close to her who supported and helped her along the way.

She said one person who has helped her get to this point is Coach Leigh Ann Roehm.

“She has always believed in me, but more than that, she has always been a huge source of empowerment,” Dean said.

And it was at home where some of the biggest support has been.

“My family has played a huge role in helping me get to this point in my life,” she said. “Not only have my parents supported me unconditionally, but they have also pushed me to become a stronger individual along the way. From them, I have learned the importance of advocating for myself and extending outside of my comfort zone.”

Good Luck Ella!

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