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To be a Voice all around the world to help stop Human trafficking, Cyber bullying, Human Hunting, Virtual Rape, Digital Rape, V2k, Any form of domestic, physical, sexual, verbal and electronic harassment and abuse all around the world. Let us be a Voice for the victims that can not be a Voice for themselves. #LISTENTOOME. Be a Voice for the innocence and take a stand for what is right .

The Effects Of Scabies & Being Poison

Some of the warning signs are yellowish mucous around the gyms in the mouth. The yellowish mucous can also be found on the tongue , along the lining of the guns and plastered on the teeth inside of the mouth. Thick ruffles are embedded in the top root of the mouth where Scabies and yellowish mucous takes root. Red and white particles distracts from the mouth and also lives on the tongue, the gums, under the mouth ,on the teeth and any closing place inside the mouth that can’t be reached unless the poison is noticed .

White and yellow particles lives inside the cavity of the eyes, the nose and the ears. The Scabies pops out of the skin and rests on top of the skin on any parts of the body and are in shapes of white snowflakes a curve shape of an insects, shape of a round bug and shapes of a caterpillar or a spider. They also lives in the eyebrows and also the eyelashes. Anywhere a hole is present on the body Scabies and poison can be found there. The Scabies distracts from the inner cavity of the eyes, mouth, nose and ears. The Scabies lives under the breast cavity and also distracts from the nipples attached to the breast. And done of these particles actually moves and takes on a form of their own while others remain still without any functions. These Scabies can be found living on the body, the bed, the floor and also food.

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