By Lonnie Huhman,

Through storytelling and connecting with one another, sixth-graders and kindergartners recently carried on a long tradition in the Chelsea School District.

On June 10, sixth-graders from Beach Middle School made the trip over to North Creek Elementary for the annual story field trip, which was a culmination of the project between the two grades.


“This is a really nice connection between these grade levels,” sixth-grade teacher Amy Doma said as the different kindergarten classrooms were divided up into smaller groups with the older students presenting and reading their stories.

The project began when the younger students made the trek over to the middle school where they met the sixth-graders and paired off. The older students worked to get to know the kindergartners better through talking and interviews while also taking some photos to help them visualize their words in the end product, which was a printed short-story book.

“It was fun, but it was also kind of challenging,” said sixth-grader Sophia Saffian, who wrote her story with kindergartner Aubrey Webber as the main character.

Sophia Saffian (holding the book) and kindergartner Aubrey Webber enjoyed making a story together.

The description of her story says, “Aubrey Webber fell through a portal and needs to find a way out she meets her favorite characters and has the adventure of a life time to realize who she wants to be.”

Another pair had sixth-grader Claire Ashe and kindergartner Grace Conser teaming up. Claire’s description begins with, “Grace is a little girl who’s biggest dream is to have ice powers like her role model, Elsa.”

Claire Ashe (left) and Grace Conser sat down together on June 10 to read the story Ashe wrote about her.

Over the past month, Claire said although the editing process and trimming down her story was tough at times, she really enjoyed the creation process and working with the Book Creator App. Sophia said when they sat down with the kindergartners in April they asked questions such as do you have pets and what are your favorite stories?

This is the back cover of the story about Grace Conser that Claire Ashe wrote for her story field trip project.

“For the most part it was fun, but it was tough fitting it all on 10 pages,” Claire said.

Doma said this is a well-loved tradition for the different generations of students. She said graduates and today’s seniors all recall the project, both as a kindergartner and sixth-grader. She said the project gets sixth-graders working hands-on with the storytelling experience while it helps the kindergartners learn about reading.

For the kindergartners, seeing themselves in stories was a great ending to the project.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Grace.