Gravel Road Improvements


Are Webster Township Residents Willing To Pay For It?

By Lynne Beauchamp,

Webster Township residents will have a chance to give input, in the form of a survey, as to whether they would like to see gravel road improvements and if they are willing to pay for those improvements.

Webster Township resident, Susan Cooley, along with other interested residents, gave Webster Township board members, during the regular meeting April 17, information to conduct a survey among its residents about gravel road improvement.

“Basically, we all concluded that there is never enough money to really do all the improvements,” said Cooley.

“One of our big problems we have with road funding is obviously money,” said Webster Township Supervisor John Kingsley during the presentation. “But people in the State of Michigan have almost no understanding of where road funding comes from. Your [Washtenaw County residents] property taxes have very, very little to do with it and up until two years ago, had nothing to do with roads. The funding for roads, up until two years ago in Washtenaw County; came from the money that you paid at the pump and sent to Washington D.C. for them to discount it down to 92 cents per dollar, it comes back to MDOT then down to the County Road Commission. The state tells the road commission what they can do with it,” explained Kingsley.

He added part of the funding goes to non motorized transportation and what is left can be used for motorized transportation. He said primary roads receive more funding than local roads and most primary roads are paved. Kingsley said in terms of the Road Commission in dealing with road improvements, Webster Township has no obligation to pay for road repair but has allocated, for 2018, $130,000 toward road issues.

Webster Township board members voted in favor of Cooley and the Ad Hoc committee to move forward with the survey, with a final draft, including cost estimates, to be presented at the May 2018 meeting. The survey is expected to be included in the 2018 summer tax bill, once approved by the board.


Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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