By Lonnie Huhman

The Dexter Board of Education election on Tuesday had Mara Greatorex and Dick Lundy beating out Rob Mitzel in a very close race.

Two school board seats were up for grabs in this general election. The winners will serve six-year terms.

According to the Washtenaw County website, the vote totals had Greatorex getting 5,802 votes or 35.51 percent of the vote and Lundy with 5,286 at 32.35 percent while Mitzel had 5218 at 31.93 percent.


Both winners are excited about the outcome and look forward to the work ahead.

“I am really excited to have won,” Greatorex said. “Yesterday-Wednesday-I just went through the day with a huge grin on my face. It’s nice to have this campaigning pressure off of my shoulders! I am immeasurably grateful to all the people, especially my family and friends, who supported me and worked hard to get me elected.”

She said, “Going into this race I knew that it was an uphill battle running for a spot against two incumbents. Two, very well liked incumbents. But I think that I was able to show the community who I am, and to paraphrase Sally Field, they liked me, they really liked me too!”

Lundy, who has won a spot on the board around 10 times since first running in 1979, congratulated Greatorex and said it was close race with three good candidates.

He said he looks forward to getting back to working on a team that wants to see the school district continue to be a premier district in the state.

“I think we’ve done a lot of great things,” Lundy said. “I’m an enthusiastic supporter of the schools.”

As the newcomer, Greatorex said, “it’s time to get to work.”

“Several members of the board have reached out to me, which is so great, and have recommended classes that the Michigan School Board Association offers to new school board members,” she said. “Looking into and scheduling those classes are first on my agenda. I am joining a board that has a lot of experience and I want to make sure that I am up to speed.”

She added, “With that said, I ran as a fresh new voice and that is what I intend to be. I want to be active with our school community. While I was campaigning I was able to meet with the principals of the schools and talk to them, and I want to keep that communication open. I attended as many sporting events as I could fit into my schedule to support our awesome athletes and I plan to continue that support. The main role of the school board is to be a liaison, and I think it is important to keep in touch with the schools, the parents and students.”

Lundy said he has various goals for the new term, one of which is to see the bond issue and projects successfully completed and another is to continue to work with Dexter Education Association to help make the educational experience the best it can be.

In thinking about goals, Greatorex said communication is key.

“We live in a world where we have information at our fingertips, and yet we still have parents who don’t know when the school board meetings are and who didn’t know that there were school board candidates on the ballot,” she said. “I see that as a something we definitely need to work on.”

She said her goal is not only to communicate on social media, but also in person. She said while she was running for office, she went to the meetings for the Cornerstone PTG, Team Bates and Wyle PTT and it was great to hear what they are doing.

“I would like to continue to go to those meetings to keep up with what is going on,” she said. “I want to make sure I am approachable, and part of that is letting parents in all the schools know who I am. I am excited to work with my fellow board members to continue to press for innovative teaching methods in the schools and to make sure that all students are represented.”


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