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Hopscotch Kids

Editor’s note: In its May 15, 2024, edition, the Sun Times News included a special “Discover Tecumseh” section. It contains articles describing many of the businesses and community life in this charming town. We’re running the articles online and encourage you to add a trip to Tecumseh to your list of fun things to do this summer.

In a surprise pandemic twist, wife and husband Stacey and Jason Foss experienced a bull market for their business, Hopscotch Kids, during COVID.

“With everything shut down and everyone shut-in, a lot of people around here turned to games, puzzles, and crafts for entertainment,” recalls Stacey. “We were busy all through COVID.”

The couple co-owns the local toy store, which is loaded with unique toys for all ages. As the pandemic drove their business, so too, they were busy driving around delivering orders. Like many married couples running a family business (and unlike many others), Stacy and Jason have developed a harmonious method of managing the store by dividing responsibilities, which helps them maintain balance both personally and professionally.

Reflecting on the dynamics of working with her spouse, Stacey mentions, “I never thought I would work with my husband, and we really haven’t had any major issues.” This seamless partnership is rooted in their long-standing relationship, as they have known each other since high school. Stacey adds, “We were friends and graduated together. It’s always kind of been like that for us.”

The success of their store is also a reflection of their investment in the town where Stacey was born and raised. The couple celebrates their 23rd wedding anniversary on May 5th, marking over two decades of partnership. Stacey’s mother also had a business in the town for many years, indicating a family tradition of local entrepreneurship. Stacey’s enthusiasm for her store and community is evident as she considers their business a job and a part of their lives and legacy.

Open Monday- Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-4. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Discover more at https://hopscotchtecumseh.com/