Hospital Awarded for Highest Level of Quality in Lung Cancer Screens

Henry Ford Allegiance Health has been awarded a three-year term of accreditation in computed tomography (CT) as the result of a recent review by the American College of Radiology (ACR). CT scanning—sometimes called CAT scanning—is a noninvasive medical test that helps diagnose and tailor treatments for patients with various medical conditions, including lung cancer.

“Henry Ford Allegiance Health is dedicated to saving lives through health screenings. Lung cancer screening with a low-dose CT scan is the only proven method for detecting cancer early,” said Karen Yacobucci, Administrative Director Henry Ford Cancer Institute Central Region, System Director, Physician Partnering and Screening. “Since the inception of our lung screening program, we have dramatically improved the stage at which we detect lung cancer.”

Before the lung screening program began at Henry Ford Allegiance Health in 2010, 32% of cases were detected in stages 1 and 2. Today, 43% are detected in those earlier stages. This detection rate significantly exceeds the national benchmark of 38%. Catching lung cancer in earlier stages provides the patient with more options and improves overall quality and longevity of life.  Lung cancer screenings are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and many health insurance plans.

The ACR gold seal of accreditation represents the highest level of image quality and patient safety. It is awarded only to facilities meeting ACR Practice Parameters and Technical Standards after a peer-review evaluation by expert board-certified physicians and medical physicists. Image quality, personnel qualifications, equipment, quality control procedures and quality assurance programs are assessed. The findings are reported to the ACR Committee on Accreditation, which then provides a comprehensive report to the facility that can be used for continuous practice improvement.

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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