Hunter Rescued in Lyndon Township

By Lonnie Huhman,

Chelsea Area Fire Authority firefighters and the Washtenaw County Technical Rescue Team rescued a hunter Monday morning. photo provided by the Chelsea Area Fire Authority

Chelsea Area firefighters and a Washtenaw County emergency team rescued a hunter Monday morning who was hanging upside down for around two hours after he fell backwards from his tree stand that was up 40 feet.

Chelsea Area Fire Authority Fire Chief Robert Arbini said his department was called to the scene in Lyndon Township to find the 62-year-old man dangling from the stand. Arbini said it was just after 7 a.m. when the man fell from his stand. CAFA Capt. Scott Basar was on the scene to help direct the rescue.

Arbini said the hunter was alert and talking to the rescue team, but had been in a stressful position for an extended period of time, impacting his blood flow. He was transported to the University of Michigan Medical Center for minor injuries and further observation.

It was reported the hunter had not yet connected his safety harness to the tree when he fell. His feet getting stuck prevented him from falling to the ground and potentially suffering more serious injuries. The hunter first called a nearby neighbor, who Arbini said arrived on the scene and determined he could not properly help him, so they then called 911.

When Basar and his team arrived to the scene by using all-terrain vehicles, Arbini said Basar demonstrated good decision making by calling in the Washtenaw County Technical Rescue team. The hunter was secured while the rescue team rigged a rope system to get him down. He was down on the ground around 9:30 a.m.

Arbini said the situation had a successful outcome, and the firefighters and rescue team did a phenomenal job. He said the technical rescue team is made up of first responders from different departments in Washtenaw County.

“That’s why we have this team,” Arbini said. “They are able to take on situations that we don’t often encounter.”

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