Huron River Watershed Council Searches for Stoneflies

By Seth Kinker,

The Huron River Watershed Council (HRWC) wants your help!

“The Stonefly’s we search for in January are generally more sensitive to environmental contaminants, said Jason Frenzel, Volunteer and Stewardship Coordinator for the HRQWC. “We do a similar study in spring and autumn where we do any and all of the bugs but this one is one for the sensitive species. This is the best time to look for them because right around now is when they fledge out from nymphs in the water to flying bugs and that’s when they reproduce. They’re the biggest right now and the most active so it’s the best time to look for them.”

On Jan. 26 volunteers will help experienced researchers look for Stoneflies, a macroinvertebrate that’s a sign of good water quality in the watershed.

Volunteers will go to two locations, while the project encompasses about 30-40 locations. At each site, they’ll look for Stonefly’s. If found, a researcher will teach the volunteers what to do to catch them and bring them back to the HRWC office in Ann Arbor.

The two sites consist of a nice location along with a more environmentally degraded location second. The meaning is twofold, one as an educational benefit to show volunteers the difference in landscapes. Two, to not move contaminates or invasive species to the nicer locations.

Overall, the experience should last about four hours with travel time, introductions, and going into the field.

Volunteers can register on the HRWC website.

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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