Francesca Gutschlag Chef | Kevin Nadolski Sommelier

“I love watching someone cook for me.  And I especially love Italian food.”

Come and spend the evening with us as Francesca Gitschlag prepares her savory Italian lamb dinner and Kevin Nadolski, Sommelier from Vintage Wines, selects the perfect wine pairings from our expansive selection here at Wines On Main.

Francesca was born and raised in Naples, Italy, where she learned to cook with her family. She learned Northern Italian cooking from her Aunt who owned the La Cesta restaurant in Milano. Francesca also traveled to Sicily where she learned authentic Southern Italian cooking from her relatives that lived in Messina and Palermo. She moved to Ann Arbor and worked in many of the city’s finest restaurants. In 2003, Francesca, opened her own business, Casa de Cesca, to teach the art of family-style Italian cooking.


Cost is $65.00 per person for a wonderful evening.

Wine Differently – Good Wine in Good Company. Come and explore “what you like” at Wines on Main where we are passionate about wine.

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