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Here are the latest updates on two changing issues for the City of Dexter. A complete list of the most recent updates to various projects can be found in the most recent City Council meeting packet.

Washtenaw Area Transportation Study (WATS)

WATS is a multi-jurisdictional agency responsible for transportation planning in Washtenaw County. The agency is mandated by Federal law to provide a continuing, cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning process, which guides the expenditure of state and federal transportation funds in Washtenaw County.


At its November 6, 2019 meeting the City’s WATS Committee discussed possible legislation changes. The State is considering changing the way that federal funds are distributed. If changed, this would mean that the federal funds distributed through WATS would be used by the state for trunk lines and the equivalent amount of money would be distributed to local units through Act 51.

That means the City would get more immediate Act 51 funding eliminating funding that comes every four or five years specifically for larger projects.

Washtenaw Regional Materials Management Authority (WRMMA)

Two months ago seven Washtenaw County municipalities, of which the City of Dexter is one, adopted articles of incorporation to form the new Washtenaw Regional Resource Management Authority.

The first two official meetings of the WRMMA were held in September and October. It is now time for the City Council to approve the Authority’s budget. Each municipality’s contribution is $5,000 which is being matched by Washtenaw County. The draft budget will be on the agenda for approval on November 25th.


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