November 25, 2019

Dear Dexter Families and Community Members,

Over the past two years, the Ad Hoc Athletics Committee (comprised of board members, administrators, coaches, and district parents) has reviewed our current athletic program with two key charges:

  1. Review and make recommendations to the Board of Education regarding DCS offerings and the structure of district-funded and self-funded club sports; and
  2. Review and make recommendations to the Board of Education regarding a financially sustainable and Title IX compliant K-12 athletic program.

Nearly two decades ago, the district implemented a system of athletics that had school-supported sports and self-funded sports.  Participation fees have been charged for athletics in Dexter for nearly 30 years.


The Michigan legislature determines the amount of funding provided to school districts on a per-pupil basis for operational funding.  These funds are utilized for all aspects of operations in school districts including paying for teachers, administrative and support staff, transportation, utilities, and athletics.  DCS has been steadfast in its financial support of athletics while also providing the best educational programming possible to all of our students.  Last year, the DCS Board of Education allocated $624,000 to support our athletic program. 

After two years of work, the Ad Hoc Athletics Committee has recommended a restructuring of the district’s funded and self-funded sports.  The key aspects of the proposal include moving nearly all self-funded sports to school-supported status next fall, adjusting pay to participate fees to $250 per sport for DHS and $150 per sport at Mill Creek, changing the current family cap to $1000, implementing a scholarship/waiver program for participation fees, changing budgets/funding processes for all sports, increasing coaching pay to be on par with surrounding districts, addressing team purchase processes, reaffirming the vision of DCS Athletics, and addressing inherent inequities created by the current bifurcated and tiered participation fee systems. As a point of reference, the proposed $250 DHS per sport participation fee equates to approximately $1 per hour of practice and games for a student athlete.  Here is a copy of the full presentation and proposal working documents.

Prior to the Board of Education considering the proposal, a public forum will be held.  The date and time of the forum will be Monday, December 9th at 6:30 p.m. in the Mill Creek Cafeteria.

Thank you for your continued support and Go Dreads!


Christopher Timmis, Ed.D.



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