Current Internet In Sharon Township Is Adequate For Practical Needs

On May 8th, voters in Sharon Twp. will be voting whether we want to be required to pay for Broadband with a 20 year increase in property taxes – or not. This property tax increase also covers the cost of to-the-house installation for those who want Broadband, regardless of the length from the road. It will begin when the process is begun in the township, not when we personally have Broadband access. An estimate for the first year is mentioned in the description, but it is not part of the vote. There is no guarantee of the amount we each will pay. If we do use Broadband once it has been installed at our residence, we will be charged an additional amount. Although its total was presented along the way, there is no guarantee of it. This could actually become higher, depending on the township’s cost to operate the system.

Although those in favor of this are enticed by higher speed internet potential, current internet usage is adequate for our practical needs.  It works well for checking portals from our doctor’s office, doing research for school subjects, purchasing items on the internet, e-mail, sending pictures or files, and much more. Most of us who work from home, as I have in graphics, have adequate internet now.

Most of those favoring Broadband have said that watching a movie on the internet is part of the reason. While the convenience of streaming a movie is nice, should we require other homeowners to pay property tax for their availability on our computer?


The required increase in property taxes will reduce the desirability of our homes, should we need to sell them. Nearby Jackson County has already had prior appeal to some due to lower taxes. The increase in our property taxes will lower sales appeal for 20 years. Some property taxes will even increase more than $1500 per year, or total of over $30,000 in the required 20 years. Being charged based on frontage would have been a more realistic and fair choice to consider.

I am voting NO on May 8th.

Kathy Johanson

Sharon Township


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