Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

In your August 1 issue, you published an article titled “Notes from the Dexter Forum” written by Mary Hall.

I’d like to take issues with comments made by Rod Anderson at that meeting.  Mr. Anderson is quoted as saying “I voted for Trump and I’d do it again,” He wants to bring an “alternate viewpoint” to the County Commission, and that he wishes to bring a “moral foundation”. He says that liberals do things not on what they believe, but that conservatives do.

If Mr. Anderson believes that moral foundations are important in politics, how could he proudly vote for a grifter, and serial adulterer as President?  If I remember correctly, the GOP was about fiscal responsibility.  The new Trump/GOP budget continues very large deficits, much created by the Trump tax cuts, which have allowed stock buy backs and CEO bonuses.  I do agree that conservatives do things on what they believe, cutting safety nets for the poor and elderly, bogus wars on the credit card, pro-life until birth, polluted skies and rivers and lakes, selling off national park land for drilling and mining, regulating women’s health choices but not guns which take 33,000 lives, including 20 first grade children, denying one president a supreme court justice hearing and demanding their nominee get a hearing and not having to turn over documents.  Morality, consistency, love of country? Please.  Love of power, that’s the conservative ideal.


Scott Brodie

Saline, Michigan

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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