Letter to the Editor

Maybe You And Your Liberal Friends Should Just Take A Knee

Scott, you don’t live in Chelsea, so you don’t know Rod Anderson. Rod has lived in and supported this community for many years. With the resist and obstruct agenda, which is all liberals have, I must agree with Mr. Anderson. They don’t want to even try to work across the aisle which is why President Trump won.

You call the President a grifter, he is a shrewd business man, and is using these skills to turn our economy around. You call him an adulterer. As far as I know, he hasn’t had an affair since becoming President unlike John F Kennedy the “Camelot” President, who had affairs with Marilyn Monroe, and other women while in office. Bill Clinton, who convinced a young starry-eyed intern named Monica Lewinsky to have sexual relations with him on, and under the resolute desk, in the oval office, in the White house, while he was President. Yet, he reached across the aisle and left office with a surplus budget!

As for the deficit, I seem to remember President Obama ran up the deficit more than all the presidents before him combined. The “Foodstamp” President left office with no substantial job creation, and a meager G.D.P. As for Tax cuts, it is helping the middle class. My wife is taking home $2,000 more in 2018.

You rightfully cry for the children murdered by crazies in our schools. Yet you feel its ok that millions of children die by abortion since Roe vs Wade and you chalk it up to “women’s health.” If you think taking guns from law abiding citizens will solve school shootings, go live in Chicago where they have the second strictest gun laws in the county, yet have record shootings and murders.

Airports have better security than our schools.  This type of security is needed in every school. Reluctantly, Teachers with valid CPL’s and proper training should be able to conceal carry in school. Police response times and procedure must improve. Mental Health must be addressed. As for the Supreme Court, a judge is to rule on the written Law of the Constitution, not on personal, or political beliefs. Maybe if your party ran a candidate that didn’t destroy thousands of emails, falsify and should be in jail, you would get the choice you want.

Love of country and patriotism is what it’s about, not power.

Both sides need to start working together for the good of the country, like President Clinton did. If the obstruction and harassment at restaurants and rallies continue, nobody benefits, and it will push this country toward civil war in the future.

If you can’t see this, maybe you and your liberal friends should just take a knee.


Chelsea, MI

P.S. Rod we miss you on Chelsea City Council

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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