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Why should the Democratic party assist Trump and the GOP?

I’d like to respond to J. Jenkins letter to the editor of August 22, 2018 directed at me.

  1. Jenkins, as I read your letter, I wondered if you had waited until after the Manafort guilty verdicts and subsequent pleas and cooperation of Cohen, Weisselberg, Gates, Pecker and Papadopoulous, would you have written the same letter?  Will there continue to be a drip, drip, drip of evidence?

So, you attacked my letter responding to Rod Anderson’s opinion piece, and I feel like I must now respond to you.

You are right, I don’t know Mr. Anderson personally.  I can only make a judgement about him based on his quotes.  He may be a fine man, but it doesn’t relieve those with differing opinions from voicing them.

You write that all liberals have a “resist and obstruct agenda”, and that they don’t want to work with Trump.  I guess I need to remind you of the meeting on inauguration day 2008, when a group of prominent Republicans including Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Eric Cantor, John Kyl, and Bob Corker sat together to plot how to obstruct the Obama agenda, and fulfill Mitch McConnell’s dream of making President Obama a “one term” President.  The GOP gave President Obama no cooperation during his eight years in office.  Remember Judge Merrick Garland?  Why should the Democratic party assist Trump and the GOP?

You call Trump a “shrewd businessman”.  Are you referring to his four bankruptcies, 200 liens and 60 lawsuits for stiffing contractors?  Maybe you are referring to his use of undocumented Polish workers who he paid $4.00 an hour, refused to provide safety equipment, and ultimately paid out almost $2,000,000 to settle the case?  Maybe you are thinking of his use of foreign workers at Mar-a-Lago when Palm Beach County Career Source says there are over 5,000 qualified American workers he could’ve hired?

You write that “as far as I know” he hasn’t had an affair since becoming President.  Well, since he had Mr. Cohen “fix” those problems, we really don’t know if he has or not. Considering his history with women, three marriages, and his willingness to, in his words, “grab them by the *****”, if he has abstained from his regular behavior, I’d be amazed.

You then attacked President Obama on economics, and his failure to kick start the economy.  As I wrote earlier, without Congressional support, there was little he could do except use Executive Orders when appropriate.  Obama left Trump a country rebounding from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.  The unemployment rate on Inauguration day 2016, was 4.8%, in six months it had dropped to 4.3%, now rising again to 4.9%.  President Obama’s final budget deficit was $585 Billion in 2016, this Trump budget in 2020 will surpass $1 trillion.  Who is the fiscal conservative here?

Yes, I believe in a woman’s right to choose.  You cry for the unborn but will not lift a finger to put common sense restrictions on gun ownership, like an ID for all sales, or monitoring sales of arsenals of guns and ammo.  Yes, Chicago has a gun violence problem, but how do you think they get those guns?  Indiana has one of the least restrictive gun laws in the country.  Do you think Chicago has an invisible shield that prevents those Indiana guns from entering the city to be used in killing?  Without federal legislation and yes, sure and swift and severe punishment for all involved in gun trafficking and gun violence, nothing gets better.  Of course, that’s the way the GOP, NRA, Gun Manufacturers, and my Congressman, Tim Walberg like it.  You state the need for more police and mental health services, that’s obvious.  However, are you and the GOP willing to raise taxes to pay for those services?

Your last sentence certainly proves your point about wanting to “work together in a spirit of cooperation and bipartisanship”.  Then you tell me and my “liberal friends” to “take a knee”, as though that would make me less patriotic.  What is does is show your ignorance of the issues surround the silent protest by the NFL players and why they take this step.  If you can’t understand or acknowledge any of the issues and contradictions I’ve written about here, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

Scott Brodie


Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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