We are writing to address concerns about the proposed Avalon Housing development on Dan Hoey Road. We are not Dexter residents but live next door to (less than 15′ from) an Avalon owned & managed property on North Main Street in Ann Arbor.

When we moved in 5 years ago, with our then 18-month old daughter, all we knew about the large house next door was that it was “owned by a non-profit.” We later learned that the non-profit was Avalon and that their tenants were in their supportive housing program.

Having Avalon supported tenants is an asset and benefit to our neighborhood. Our Kerrytown neighborhood, like Dexter, is a great place to live and raise a family. Most of our Avalon tenant neighbors are quiet and keep to themselves. We’ve befriended one long time tenant who we frequently sit down and chat with on the front porch about our jobs, the neighborhood, the weather and whatever challenges we’re facing that day. We lend each other a hand now and then, when and how we can.

Avalon is an excellent and responsive landlord. Sharing a property line, we occasionally have to deal with typical neighborly issues like overgrown volunteer trees or managing work happening on our tightly spaced properties. They ensure their property is well cared for and are easy & responsive to work with when necessary.

When tenants are having issues next door, we are reassured that they are also receiving services to help them navigate various systems of support. There is the occasional ambulance or police visit to the property; and the occasional interpersonal drama that spills out into the front yard. We have never once felt our personal safety or property was at increased risk in these situations; nor have we had difficulty explaining any given scenario to our young daughter.


Making a place in our neighborhood for people from a variety of backgrounds, ages & socio-economic circumstances enriches it and makes it a more interesting place. We are grateful our daughter is growing up in a neighborhood that includes a wider variety of people from different circumstances, developing an intrinsic, expansive sense of who belongs as part of our community.  There is ample research demonstrating the overwhelming benefits of socioeconomic neighborhood integration, not only for poorer & less advantaged people but for everyone in the community. We encourage you to recognize this development as a benefit for Dexter and to welcome your new neighbors.

Scott & Elizabeth Trudeau
Ann Arbor