Letter to the Editor

Let’s be honest…

There is a lot of misinformation out there about the upcoming Broadband Vote for Sharon Township from those who either don’t understand the technology, or want to obscure the real reasons behind their opposition.  Here are a few things we know…

The technology being proposed WILL NOT become obsolete in the next 20 years.  This technology is the gold standard of internet delivery across the globe.  There is no technology in the pipeline to replace it.  Claiming that fiber will become obsolete is like claiming that the lines that deliver electricity to your home will become obsolete.  It just isn’t accurate.

There are NO plans, either today or in the future, to provide any type of wireless solution that will meet the needs of Sharon Township.  For anyone who has tried to maintain a cellular connection while driving through the township they know that this just doesn’t pass the smell test.  Yes, there are newer and faster cellular technologies emerging, but just like 3G and 4G, unless a carrier builds towers to cover all of the township, this is not a viable solution.

Satellite technology is still a long way off from being a viable solution, and will never reach the capabilities of fiber.

As someone who has worked in the field of Information Technology my entire 20+ year career, those are all facts.  Not opinions.  Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is either intentionally misleading you, or doesn’t have all the information.

There are legitimate reasons to not want this initiative to pass.  Maybe you believe that you will never use the internet.  Maybe you don’t believe that anyone in the future, who may eventually purchase the land you currently own, will ever use the internet.  Maybe you believe the cost born by larger property owners is unfair.  Those are at least honest reasons.  False claims about the proposed technology or make-believe options for the future are simply scare tactics.

Having lived in Sharon Township for just under 20 years I have seen countless claims of the next big technology that was going to solve this issue.  Broadband over power lines, faster satellite service, 3G/4G, even broadband over TV airwaves.  None have materialized and none of them will be free if they ever did become a reality.

The May 8th proposal is the only viable option out there to ensure that the citizens of Sharon Township have access to fast, affordable broadband service.  Not in 5 years or 10 years, but today, and at a cost that is well below what any other service provider could offer.

I would encourage all of you who want to actually solve this issue and not to just kick the can down the road for someone else to solve to vote YES on May 8th!

Chris Holda  J.D., M.B.A.

Sharon Township

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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