Letter to the Editor

When I first moved to the area, I knew the pitfalls of internet access, still, my wife and I both work from home and conduct heavy video conferencing.  Our children score very high academically and use the internet daily for schoolwork.  My son has a medical device implant that requires the internet for constant monitoring. All these things we are told is why we need high speed and we have managed just fine

I have attended both meetings and have not seen anything remotely close to transparency. Questions are moved over quickly when they don’t like them and recently the last one became a bit of a circus with the speaker snapping and become verbally aggressive with people in the crowd, it was quite a joke actually.

Many of these ventures have failed. Why? why did we not discuss why this happened and how we’re making sure it wouldn’t happen again

If they stay within the 10 Million dollars for this budget, and that’s a BIG if (there are no guarantees and when does a project of this size ever stay in budget) It will cost me $30,000 over 20 years. If (and when) it goes over budget who will pay? Another millage rate? Not likely. Sold for a dollar to Google? Possibly. More than likely, that $35 monthly fee will $50.00 or a $100.00 plus the tax increase, don’t forget.

Any project that is to deliver something equally to all needs to be spread equally to all, charging different households different amounts for the same service is NOT equal.  Would all the proponents feel the same way if EVERYONE had to pay $30,000? This is fact, not myth and this is not right. I am happy with current levels of service, sure it could be better, but it meets our needs. If someone needs more than what is currently available, there are lots of options. Sure no-one can deny fibre is and will be a standard now and in the future but 10 years ago phones that you can watch video’s on and email were called a fantasy. what new could be here 10 years from now?

Another issue is budget, despite asking who is going to manage this? breaks in line or service damage from outside sources cars, digging. Who will answer the phones?  When I asked I was essentially yelled at “how do we know, you haven’t approved it yet”

Do we not have a business plan with this proposal? Why are we even having a vote without these details who’s going to get paid what down the road? It is our money, isn’t it? Why is there no transparency?

Could we use highspeed? Yes. Do we need high speed with dirt roads still in the area, bridges still closed and no natural gas service to many homes? No we don’t.


Let’s all get what WE all need first before we worry about what SOME want

Stevens F. Bulow

Sharon Township

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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