Letts Creek Linear Park Update, Future plans

By Seth Kinker, skinker@thesuntimesnews.com

City Manager John Hanifan updated the parks commission about the Letts Creek Linear Park Project on Oct. 2. First, he talked about the submission for the connecting communities grant, he showed the commission a picture with current pathways and planned pathways.

Moving forward, Hanifan said that there were plans to connect the linear park with the Westchester Park developments, in an effort to be a good regional partner, connect to city amenities, and give the development a safe non-motorized pathway.

The next phase for that construction would be next Spring. Mayor Melissa Johnson also told the commission that in the future there were plans to continue connections to the dog park and the border to border trail at Freer road.

At the end of the meeting, Hanifan asked the commission to look around at parks as they visit and see what might be missing. As the existing plan has not been updated in 20 years, and there being no plans to do so, this would be the time to identify changes.

Hanifan added that the Pierce Park improvements came from that plan. He touched on the fact that there is a deficit in the existing plan based on population and should be thought about moving forward. There are 5.5 acres of green space, but it’s located by the waste plant, Hanifan suggested potentially looking at more land acquisition.


Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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