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It has been almost a year since the pilot to The Patron, was introduced to the community.

The Patron is a television series directed by Michael Steinbeck of Dexter and the pilot episode was filmed in the rural area near Dexter. The story revolves around the Jarit family and the family business which leads to betrayal, corruption, and murder. The pilot episode leaves viewers questioning who one is supposed to be rather than who one is. With so many questions unanswered, viewers will find themselves wanting to continue to watch the series to see where the story leads.

Currently, the full pilot episode of The Patron is available for viewing on Vimeo and will soon be available on Amazon Prime, at no charge.


Steinbeck is hopeful there is enough interest in the pilot episode that viewers will want to share the experience. From there he hopes the pilot episode will generate enough interest and will be picked up by an online streaming platform or other means. More episodes have been written and are ready for filming.

The full pilot episode of The Patron is now available at The teaser trailer is also available at As a warning to viewers, the pilot episode contains adult content and violence.

For those interested in The Patron series, contact Director, Michael Steinbeck, at