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LYNDON TOWNSHIP – 17751 N. Territorial Road, Chelsea, MI  48118

Summary of Minutes, January 10, 2107—REGULAR MEETING—Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM.  During Public Comment, a resident expressed concern regarding future private road maintenance for Greystone Drive.   Items Approved:  Agenda as Presented; Consent Agenda as Presented.  Shauna Mote updated the Board on CAFA.  Ben Fineman updated the Board on the status of the Broadband Initiative.  Since the December meeting we have been working with counsel to calculate a specific millage amount based on the estimated project cost.  Due in part to the holidays, this has not yet been completed.  We have spoken with Kelly Belknap from Washtenaw County who helped to confirm the estimated numbers we have been working with, but a final number is still required before putting the measure on the ballot.  Additionally, we have been working with Sharon Township on their broadband feasibility study with CCG Consulting.  Based on new information and methodologies coming from this study we believe that we may be able to reduce the estimated project cost for Lyndon Township.  These two factors combined suggest that we may need to delay the ballot measure from the May election until August, but we are still exploring all options.    Items Approved:  Granted a Six Month Extension for the Greystone Drive – ALDA Development, LLC Private Road Application; Recommended Adoption of the Lyndon Township Five Year Recreation Plan 2017; Approved Resolution 17-01 to Allow Local Residents to Protest in Writing to the 2017 Lyndon Township Board of Review; Authorized Supervisor Keezer to Sign the Lyndon Township Pre-Engagement Letter from Robert W. Baird & Co. to Provide Underwriting Services for Proposed Issuance of Approximately $7,000,000 General Obligation Limited Tax Bonds, Series 2017 for the Broadband Initiative.  Legal for this matter is to be Through Foster, Swift, Collins and Swift; Authorized Carlisle Wortman Associates, Inc., to Audit the Zoning Administration Files and Create a Filing System; Meeting adjourned at 8:17 PM.

Prepared by Office Assistant:  Janet K. Gilkey

Approved by Supervisor, Marc  E. Keezer

Linda Reilly, Township Clerk

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