Lyndon Township Broadband Bond Proposal To Be On August Ballot

By Lynne Beauchamp,

After several years of planning, conducting studies, receiving community input along with computing survey responses, Lyndon Township voters will have a voice on whether to proceed with construction of a fiber optic broadband network.

In May, Lyndon Township Board members approved ballot language for a bond proposal to fund construction of a fiber optic broadband network which would bring broadband service to every home in the township. The proposal will be up for vote in the August 8, 2017 election and the bond will be backed by a 20 year millage. If approved, the annual millage rate to retire the bond is estimated at 2.9102 mills ($2.9102 per thousand of taxable value), according to the Michigan Broadband Cooperative (MPCOOP).


If Lyndon Township voters approve the bond proposal, the township will proceed with construction of the fiber optic network infrastructure. According to MBCOOP, based on current available taxable valuation data, the average cost per homeowner for construction will be approximately $21.92/month. Once completed, the township will partner with a private service provider to deliver internet access.

Estimated cost for service is approximately $35.  The service would provide an estimated speed of 100mb with no data caps. The estimated average combined cost of the millage and internet service is $57/month. If approved, Lyndon Township could see internet service by December 2018.

According to information provided by MBCOOP, Lyndon Township lacks basic broadband options because corporate providers view the area as a negative return on investment to build the infrastructure.

“We came to the mutual conclusion that nobody else is going to fix this broadband problem for us…if we, as Lyndon Township residents and surrounding townships, want it fixed we need to do something about it ourselves,” said Ben Fineman of MBCOOP.

There will be two town hall meetings for Lyndon Township residents to seek information on the broadband bond proposal prior to the election. The informational meetings are scheduled for Wednesday, June 21 and Thursday, July 20. Both meetings will take place at the Lyndon Township Hall at 7pm.

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