Manchester DDA Approves Recommendation for Vacant Buildings

Manchester DDA Approves Recommendation for Vacant Buildings

By Seth Kinker,

The Manchester Downtown Development Authority (DDA) voted to make a recommendation to village council, during its June 20 meeting, to go ahead with the first stages of inspection regarding vacant buildings or businesses.

Downtown storefront businesses in Manchester have remained empty for years as the village continues to try and remake Manchester into a destination spot in Washtenaw County.

DDA members acknowledged that it’s a tough climate and economy right now, but building owners have not even tired leased the properties.

They decided that if a building remains vacant for more than six months, than an inspection to make sure conditions are safe in the building would be the next step they are taking,

After that, the DDA and village council must decide what they want to do as far as making that property available. They can pass ordinances that fine the owners for having the properties lie vacant after a certain period of time.

DDA Chair Pat Vailliencourt looked into what other cities have done in similar situations and reports it’s a matter of if the council decides to pass the ordinances.

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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