By Seth Kinker,

The Manchester Downtown Development Authority (DDA meeting), DDA Chair Pat Vaillencourt announced that the Third Thursday Events that will be going on this summer in Manchester received a grant that will help fund the activities.

This is the second time that the DDA has been able to secure the Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper (LQC) grant, a grant offered by the Michigan Realtors, that places emphasis on placemaking projects. There is a 50/50 match portion to the grant, which means local merchants will be raising money.

The goal of the placemaking projects is to create community gathering places, attract residents and visitors, bring life to downtowns, support walkable communities, preserve open and green spaces, and bringing awareness to a space.


In addition to the grant, Gil White, who the DDA worked with to obtain the first LQC grant in 2016, will be hosting a placemaking workshop provided by the Michigan Realtors free of charge on May 16 at 7:30 p.m. in Manchester. White is a placemaking consultant for Michigan Realtors and helps with the grant application process as well as educating communities on why placemaking can add value to a community and what can be done to help draw people to their community.

The DDA made it clear that the workshop is open to anyone interested. They sent invitations to not for profits groups in Manchester, the school district, and other local municipalities.

“The more we have there the better,” said Vaillencourt.

The Third Thursday Events, beginning May 16 and running through October, has a complete program of various entertainment and different activities planned for this summer that can be found on their Facebook page “Make it Manchester”. They will be closing Adrian Street for the events as they will include live entertainment and other family-friendly activities.

“They’re tying it to Thursday nights because of the Farmer’s Market and gazebo concerts so people will have a lot to do downtown, focusing quite a bit on kids, Gazebo Concerts and other fun things,” said Vaillancourt.