Manchester DDA Talks 2019 CTAP Program

By Seth Kinker,

The Manchester Downtown Development Authority( (DDA) discussed the Community Tourism Action Plan (CTAP) for the 2019 year at their meeting on Jan. 30.

On Feb. 20, the date of the next DDA meeting, Destination Ann Arbor, who runs the CTAP program covering the Ann Arbor area, will be in attendance to discuss their plans involving Manchester this year.

CTAP funds must go towards infrastructure projects to promote tourism.

In the past the DDA has used them on informational brochures, signs, and most recently used CTAP funds for the “Walk Your City” signage that tells pedestrians the time and distance to local landmarks or buildings.

The DDA is still brainstorming ideas on what to use the funds for this year and will continue to bring those ideas to the next meetings.

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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