Manchester School Board Approves New Riverside Signage, Addresses Website

By Seth Kinker,

The Manchester School Board voted to approve changes to the signage for Riverside Intermediate School at their Feb. 11 Board of Education meeting.

Last year when the school was renamed to “Riverside Intermediate School” Manchester Superintendent Nick Steinmetz told the board that was an expense they had planned for when the building was renamed, and grades were reclassified.

The costs, which totaled $5,465.00 and addressed building signage directional road signs, were paid for from the Pleasant Lake fund, which set aside funds for building updates.

Updated signage for Riverside Intermediate. Photo provided by Nick Steinmetz.

Vice president Tom Mann asked Steinmetz if changes could be reflected on the website as well.

With the district working on updating their website, Mann reported that with the high school being called Manchester junior and senior high on its signage, there has been some confusion for middle school athletic events. Middle school athletic events are held at Riverside.

Steinmetz told Mann it would be looked into.

Seth Kinker

Reporter/Digital Media for The Sun Times News

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